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About Us

Petobee is a family-owned business. Chris, Angelika, and their Belgian Malinois, Brinx, operate the head office in Abbotsford. At Petobee we pride ourselves on putting pets before profits, and giving pet owners good value for their hard-earned dollars. As pet-lovers ourselves, we understand the desire to take care of your pet as a beloved family member. Our Belgian Malinois, Brinx, is a valuable member of our team, and loves to taste-test our products.

Petobee Pet Food is a company dedicated to providing you with quality raw pet food. We operate with a high degree of integrity, character and care. You won’t find chemicals, preservatives, fillers or added sugar and salt in our blends. What you will find is healthy, natural pet food developed for the biologically appropriate needs of your family pet. We work with trained professionals and laboratories to ensure the highest quality product.

Petobee has been in operation since 2010, however our products have gone through development, testing, feeding trials, and have been improving the lives of a large number of pets for over fifteen years.

About Our Products

Dogs and cats are carnivores, and require a diet based primarily on the nutrients found in meat and bones. The heat process used in the manufacturing of dry kibble and “wet”, canned pet foods change or destroy the vital minerals, enzymes and vitamins that naturally exist in raw meat. In addition, commercially available kibble contains grains, which dogs and cats do not have the ability to properly digest. These grains can cause gastrointestinal difficulties, as well as multiple skin issues.

Petobee’s raw blends do not contain grains, and provide pets with optimal levels of proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals. Pet owners feeding raw diets notice various improvements in their pets, including the elimination of many skin issues, great oral/dental health, increased energy, decreased allergic reactions, improved joint health, natural flea repellence, boosted immunity, firm stool with less offensive odour, and better overall health in their pets.

Petobee… The Natural Solution!


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