I wanted to write to you to express how impressed I am with your product. My shepherd cross Jesse is 14 years old now, and has suffered from conditions that have puzzled several different veterinarians over her years. Starting when she was only a few years old, she started getting large sores and scabs around her eyes, nose, mouth and genitalia. At the same time, she developed sores between the pads of her feet that would be bad enough that she could barely walk. Through consultations and numerous examinations with six different veterinarians, we had several different diagnoses, none of which were realistically treatable, with at least a few of the vets suggesting euthanasia starting when she was around 5 years old. Some vets seemed to get close to a conclusion with the suggestion of allergies and offers of specialized veterinary foods, but none of those helped at all, some even making it worse. Those vets later changed their diagnoses to suggest that it must be an environmental allergen, and we would likely never find it, leaving our only option to frequently treat her with high dosages of antibiotics and steroids. The last year has been the hardest, as the bouts of sores and infections were initially coming only every 12 to 18 months, now would flare up again within weeks of the course of medications completion. The side effects seemed to be hitting Jesse harder and harder each time too, with the last course of medications leaving her nearly immobilized, barely able to make it outside to relieve herself, and frequently releasing her bladder in her sleep. We had come to the conclusion that her time had come and we couldn’t put her through the medicating again and were going to take her for that last car ride the following day. Still needing some sort of explanation of what her condition was and why, I spent all night searching online to see if my experiences were at all unique, and as it turns out, there are others who have had similar experiences. Almost all the diagnoses again pointed to allergies, but specifically food allergies to grains and common feed fillers. With a little more reading, I came across several prominent studies on dog foods and raw feeding practices, and eventually ended up finding Petobee. Never wanting to give up, I made arrangements to get some of this food and give it one more try to see if we could give Jesse a little more time with a decent quality of life before that last ride. Not surprisingly, Jesse ate the food quite readily, being primarily meat, so the palatability wasn’t going to be an issue. What happened next is what was most remarkable. After a few days of eating only this food, Jesse was walking without any troubles at all. Her back was straight, her head held high and she was walking around clearly happy, a look that we hadn’t seen in her in a long time. Within a week, most of the cloudiness was gone from her eyes, the sores were gone from her face and feet, and her coat went from rough and uneven to healthier than it’s been in probably 10 years. Jesse has always been a dog with an odour problem which is also gone, and strangely the “business” she leaves behind in the yard seems to disappear into soil within days on its own, making my yard cleanup much easier too. We’ve continued with this food since, and although well past her breed’s life expectancy, Jesse is still with us, old and tired, but alive and well for a little while longer. Thank you for giving us a little more time with our Jesse, and giving her some well-deserved quality of life.

Rob Ferguson – Chilliwack

racie was a bit overweight and having lost a previous cat to feline diabetes, we wanted to try to get Gracie on a healthier diet. After just two days, she took to Petobee and is now a pleasant weight, much more active and healthier. Her fur shines and she actually seems much happier. Now she greets me in the morning and when I come home at night, meowing this amazing pet food. I highly recommend it to every dog and cat owner I know!

Lynne Ganske – Abbotsford

As a commercial kennel owner, I have used Petobee for over 10 years. There is minimal stool that is firm with less offensive odour. Dogs switch immediately from commercial diets to the Petobee formula, and even the fussy dogs have an appetite for this food.

Doug Leaf – Top Dog Training Corps


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