Tripe & Chicken

Beef Tripe: Beef tripe is high in protein and low in fat, rich in calcium, zinc (which helps support a healthy immune system), selenium (known for its treatment for allergies, heart disease, and arthritis), essential fatty acids and amino acids. Tripe is a good option for pet owners who wish to feed their pet a higher calorie blend with added nutrients and enzymes.

Chicken (including ground bones): The chicken that Petobee uses comes from a local, federally registered facility that produces human-grade meat products. As with all chicken produced in Canada for human consumption, our chicken is hormone and steroid free. Chicken contains necessary protein, “good” fats, minerals, as well as vitamins A, D and E.  The raw bones contained in our chicken blend are finely ground, thus eliminating any choking risk for your pet. Bones are a good source of calcium and phosphorus (which provides nutrients for a strong skeletal system). Our meat has been tested for the presence of e. coli and salmonella (with safe results).


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